JLab Desktop Support

The IT Division Helpdesk provides support for all Jefferson Lab (JLab) CUE systems.  CUE is an acronym for Common User Environment and is the computing environment provided and supported by the JLab Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group.  The primary goal of CUE is to provide users with a standard environment on all supported computer systems with simplified and enhanced systems management. Systems must be configured to operate in this environment as directed in the configurations specified in the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh web pages, to utilize CUE.  Please read the section below on the CUE Directory Structure for further details on the the JLab-CUE.

If you are a member of the Accelerator or Engineering Divisions, please submit an ACE-PR work request for desktop support.  The ACE group has their own desktop support staff for their computer users.

Common User Environment (CUE) Directory Structure

The CUE directory naming structure is implemented to provide a sensible and common directory structure for centrally provided CUE directories and file systems.  When logged onto a JLab-CUE configured system, the following directories are automatically mounted without any user intervention:

Directories Available on CUE Configured Linux, Windows, and Macintosh Systems

 Linux  Windows  Macintosh
 /home/<username>  J:\ drive  smb://jlabhome/home/username
 /apps  L:\ drive  smb://jlabapps/apps
 /sgroup  M:\ drive  smb://jlabsgrp/sgroup
 /site  K:\ drive  smb://jlabsite/site
 /group  O:\ drive  smb://jlabgrp/group
 /scratch/<username>  \\jlabscr\scratch  smb://jlabscr/scratch/<username>


Directories Available on CUE configured Scientific Computing Unix systems only

  • /work
  • /cache

For a detailed description of these areas, please visit our JLab-CUE Directory Structure page.

Central Systems

In the table below, please find the names of general purpose systems available for use to on-site and off-site JLab staff & users.

 Platform   Public System Name (with .jlab.org appended) 
 Linux  RHEL6 - jlabl1, 2  RHEL6 (64 bit)- jlabl3, 4
 Windows  jlabts (Windows terminal server cluster)


IMPORTANT:  The Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group has license agreements with Microsoft, RedHad, and Apple.  Due to licensing restrictions, please read through the

Policies for JLab-CUE Builds/Rebuilds

These policies must be taken into account regarding the build or rebuild of a system by IT Division Help Desk staff.