Copier Replacement & Training

01/24/2018 8:00 pm
01/26/2018 12:00 pm
America/New York

As part of the Copier contract, JLab is getting new copiers installed to replace our current copiers.  This replacement is will start on Wednesday, January 24th and continue through Monday, January 29th.  There will be a brief outage of printing while each new copier is configured.  If you have problems printing from Windows after configuration is completed, please reboot your systems before contacting the IT Division Help Desk.

Replacement Schedule

Building Name Building Date of Replacement
CEBAF Center 12 January 24, 2018
Applied Research Center (ARC) ARC January 24, 2018
Facilities Maintenance Shop (Forestry Building) 19 January 25, 2018
Support Service Center (SSC) 28 January 25, 2018
ESH&Q Building 52 January 26, 2018
Technology & Engineering Development Facility (TEDF) 55 January 26, 2018
Test Lab 58 January 26, 2018
Experimental Equipment Lab (EEL) 90 January 26, 2018
Machine Control Center (MCC) 85 January 29, 2018
Accelerator Maintenance Support (AMS) 87 January 29, 2018
Accelerator Technical Support (ATS) 89 January 29, 2018
Counting House 97 January 29, 2018
Low Energy Recirculator Facility (LERF) 18 January 29, 2018
Counting House 202 January 29, 2018

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change if issues with copier replacements arise.

Copier Training

There will be training on the new copiers on Monday, January 29th, at the following locations and times:

  • 10:00AM - SSC Copy area for the new color copiers (model 8045)
  • 10:30AM - SSC Copy area for the copier model 7025
  • 11:00AM - CEBAF Center Room F293 for the model 8045 color copier
  • 11:30AM - CEBAF Center at the intersection of Wings A and B for the model 7025 copier.

Please contact the Copy Center, x7666, if you have any questions or concerns about the new copiers prior to training sessions.