Configuring Email (Detailed Instructions)

The Jefferson Lab (JLab) Computing and Networking Infrastructure (CNI) group recommends the following Mail Interface Programs, depending on what type of device you use to log in:

Windows and Macintosh Users -- We recommend Thunderbird as an email client for your JLab email.

Unix/Linux Workstation (including the HP CAD systems) -- One of the following:

  • Thunderbird - This is the default version of thunderbird that you get when you logon and type "thunderbird".  To use Thunderbird version 2.x, you may type "thunderbird2".
    Thunderbird should be configured as an IMAP mail client with SSL enabled.

  • Pine - This is a text mode interface, useful if you want to check your mail from a terminal window.  Please see http:/ for more details.

  • NOTE: Pine must now be configured as an IMAP over SSL client.

All Systems -- Squirrel Mail is a web-based email application provided for access to your JLab email from offsite from any web-browser.