Scheduled Outage:

Title: Power outage for outside golf carts
Type: Power Network Telephone Road HVAC Water Gas Controls Other
Status: Proposed Confirmed Cancelled Completed
Proposed by: Josh Caterbone E-Mail: joshuac@jlab
Start Time: 04/08/2015 05:00 End Time: 04/08/2015 06:00
Description and Impacts: Panel L1B will be de-energized for 1 hour to power up the radcon golf cart receptacles.
Equipment affected during this brief outage will be: Receptacles in rooms 128,129,124,130,132,101,153,100--lights in rooms 125,126,127--remote chiller #1. Recirc pumps 1 and 2, exhaust fan #9, unit heater uh-1, DDC, Band saw room 103

Affected Areas:

ARC: Advanced Research Center