Scheduled Outage:

Title: ARC Laboratory Switchover from Temp. Cooling Unit to Permanent Air Handling Unit
Type: Power Network Telephone Road HVAC Water Gas Controls Other
Status: Proposed Confirmed Cancelled Completed
Proposed by: Carroll W. Jones E-Mail:
Start Time: 09/02/2016 07:00 End Time: 09/02/2016 17:00
Description and Impacts: The construction subcontractor will be switching from the temporary ARC Laboratory Air Handling Unit to the new replacement air handling unit. There will be no air conditioning during the switchover process since ducting connected to the temporary air handling unit must be removed to enable permanent ducting to be connected to the replacement air handling unit. The Laboratory exhaust system shall be turned off to prevent drawing in unconditioned air into the laboratory area which would result in the formation of condensation on laboratory area floors and other surfaces. Prior to the switchover, all laboratory chemicals and experiments should be secured and left in a safe condition since the laboratory exhaust system will not be operational during the switchover.

For additional information or clarification, please contact Carroll Jones at 757-876-1778.

Affected Areas:

ARC: Advanced Research Center