Scheduled Outage:

Title: North Access NA2 switch board outage
Type: Power Network Telephone Road HVAC Water Gas Controls Other
Status: Proposed Confirmed Cancelled Completed
Proposed by: John Riesbeck E-Mail:
Start Time: 01/04/2019 08:30 End Time: 01/04/2019 12:30
Description and Impacts: We will be turning off the 277/480 volt NA2 switch board that feeds the: Motor Control Center, 67-LCWP-4,
67-LCWP-2, Panel NAL, Panel NAP, transformer T2, and transformer T1 (NA-PP1).

Panel NAL includes: Lights in rooms 108, 107, 100, new pump Rm, and storage Rm- Unit Heaters- Air compressor Mezz #3, a welding outlet in the tunnel- Winch FLR. PLT. 1, 2, 3, & 4- Vac pump, 480v receptacles, Lite battery charger, AHU #1.

Panel NAP includes:
Fans and louvers, outside lights, sprinkler air compressor, sprinkler release solenoid, receptacles for treatment pumps sump pumps vending machines water coolers, over head doors, helium relief dampers, tunnel antenna, tunnel battery charger, heat trace low trench and air dryer, mech. control panel, and water heater.

Panel PP1 includes:

Affected Areas:

Bldg 67: North Access
Bldg 102: End Station Refrigeration