Scheduled Outage:

Title: EEL and CEBAF Center
Type: Power Network Telephone Road HVAC Water Gas Controls Other
Status: Proposed Confirmed Cancelled Completed
Proposed by: Paul Powers E-Mail:
Start Time: 03/23/2019 07:00 End Time: 03/24/2019 17:00
Description and Impacts: Power to CEBAF Center and EEL will be secured at 7 AM. This outage will NOT affect the HPC in the Data Center. Power to all Areas EXCEPT the Data Center will be secured. Emergency Power will be provided for the Kitchen Freezer and Refrigerator in the new addition (rear of Building). Power to CEBAF Center including F-Wing will be restored at the end of the day (Saturday). Power to the EEL will be restored at the end of the day on Sunday. ALL OF THIS IS SUBJECT TO WEATHER.

Affected Areas:

Bldg 12: CEBAF Center
Bldg 90: Experimental Equipment Lab