Scheduled Outage:

Title: Test Lab Boiler System Hot Water Flow Balancing
Type: Power Network Telephone Road HVAC Water Gas Controls
Status: Proposed Confirmed Cancelled Completed
Proposed by: Carroll W. Jones E-Mail:
Start Time: 04/22/2014 07:30 End Time: 05/01/2014 17:00
Description: To resolve outstanding TEDF Subcontract testing and balancing discrepancy issues, the hot water system must be re-balanced. This work will require as many hot water valves connected to the boiler system to be fully opened as possible to establish the correct system differential pressure setting at the beginning of the balancing process. The Test Lab Boiler System provides heating water to the TLA, Test Lab high bay, Test Lab North Addition (includes HDIce Area), and EEL Building. It may take 2 to 4 hours to establish the system differential pressure setting. Areas will be warmer than normal during this process. Once the system differential pressure setting is established only hot water valves located in the TEDF areas within the Test Lab TLA and Test Lab high bay will need to remain commanded fully open. The hot water valves in the Test Lab North Addition and the EEL Building will be released or returned to normal operation. At the end of each workday, hot water valves will be returned to normal operation and re-commended fully open the following workday. As areas connected to a branch are completed, the area will be returned to normal operation and balancing based upon operation at the system differential pressure setting to minimize the areas being adversely (overheated) impacted by the hot water balancing process.

For additional information or clarification, please contact Carroll Jones at 757-876-1778.


Efforts will be taken to control or minimize impacts to SRF Operations. Area conditions will be monitored and steps taken to maintain area operations. Most Test Lab and TLA systems have the ability to cool and heat simultaneously. There will be noticeable temperature rise in some areas, but I believe conditions will be workable. If conditions become unworkable, steps will be taken to reduce the impact.

The TLA Clean Room makeup air unit 58-MAU-3 will draw outside air in through its preheat coil that will be overriden to full heat. The air will be cooled back down by its cooling coil. 58-MAU-3 supply air will then be blown through its three reheat coils that will be overriden to full heat. The air from 58-MAU-3 will then be drawn into 58-AHU-3-1 through 58-AHU-3-9 and mixed with return air from the various parts of the TLA Clean Room. 58-AHU-3-1 through 58-AHU-9 have cooling coils that will cool air back down before the air is blown into the clean room areas. Therefore, the TLA Clean Room temperature rise should be workable. Workers suited up within the clean room may notice the difference tomorrow afternoon, but SRF work should be not impacted.

The other TLA lab areas will have outside air being drawn through its preheat coil at full heat. The outside air will then be mixed with the area return air and blown through the unit's cooling coil. Supply air will be blown to specific lab area variable air volume boxes that have reheat coils that will be at full heat. As the area space temperature rises, the variable air box will increase its supply air to cool the space. There will be more cooler air for the reheat coil to heat than it was design to heat. The result may be an increased space temperature depending upon actual space cooling demand. Several areas today were reheating. Those areas should definitely not be adversely impacted. Some areas may notice a temperature increase.

Areas will be monitored throughout the balancing process and issues addressed per areas with SRF input to keep areas as comfortable as possible.

For additional information or clarification, please contact Carroll Jones at 757-876-1778.

Affected Areas:

Bldg 58: Test Lab
Bldg 90: Experimental Equipment Lab