Zimbra and Internet Explorer Compatibilitiy View Settings


  • Some users have had problems with the Zimbra Web client interface when viewed in Internet Explorer... missing features, and visually different.
  • The problem is mostly due to Internet Explorer's Compatibility View being enabled by default for web sites on the JLab network
  • At COB on Wednesday, 1/14/2015, the Computer Center delivered a configuration policy to Windows systems that caused them to view all web sites on the JLab network in "normal" mode.
  • Some users may now see problems with other sites at the lab that previously relied on compatibility mode to be viewed correctly. These problems are expected to be isolated and few in number.
  • Users can add these specific sites to a list in Internet explorer of sites that should use compatibility mode to get them to display properly again using the procedure outlined below.

Test0rizing my blog


MIS Outage

The MIS systems experienced an outage between noon and 1pm that affected almost all applications. The issue is now fixed, and most applications are already back online. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Kari Heffner at x5814 (

OPEC PRIZE WINNER Phishing message.

A number of users have received a phishing message purportedly from a promotion department of OPEC.

The message, part of which is shown below, is rather obviously a fake, and we hope that no one falls for it.


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