Watchguard Introduction

WatchGuard QMS (Quarantine Management Server) Overview

The WatchGuard QMS server enables spam messages from the WatchGuard SPAM filter to be directed to a local quarantine area that provides spam storage for each individual user.  Because spam filters occasionally result in false positives, (legitimate emai classified as spam), the spam quarantine provides you with the ablity to manage your own quarantined messages

You can log into the WatchGuard QMS to access your configuration settings and manage your trusted and blocked senders lists.

To log into the WatchGuard QMS:

1) Launch your web browser and go to

2) Once the Login Page appears:

  • Type your JLAB CUE USERNAME.  For example, username (Do not put the here)
  • Type your JLAB CUE Password

3) The Spam Quarantine Management page appears.

You can perform these actions for the messages in your quarantine area:

  • Select ALL- Selects all messages on the current page of the quarantine area.
  • Select NONE- Clears the check boxes for all messages on the current page of the quarantine area.
  • Delete- Deletes the selected message or messages from the quarantine area.
  • Not Spam- Releases the selected message from the quarantine area and sends it to your inbox.  The sender is added to your trusted sender list.
  • Trust Sender- Adds the sender to your Trusted Senders list.
  • Delete All- Deletes all messages from your quarantine area.

You can also search for messages using the messages'

  • Subject- Searches the subject field of the message for the search term.
  • Sender- Searches the sender field of the message for the search term.
  • Message- Searches the entire message body for the search term.

Your Trusted and Blocked Senders List

  • Use the Trusted Senders List to add specific email addresses that are exempt from Anti-Spam processing.
  • Use the Blocked Senders List to specify a list of addresses from which you do not want to receive mail.

Blocked senders are blocked and cannot send mail to your JLAB email address.  If a sender is on the blocked senders list, their messages to you will be rejected without notification and discarded.

Rules for Trusted and Blocked Senders Lists' addresses:

  • Entries must be a complete and correct email address: (
  • Wildcards are not allowed (*, *

If you have populated a list at Mxlogic (McAfee), it will be migrated to WatchGuard.

Help train the Spam Filter system by:

  • forwarding spam that got through to
  • forwarding good messages that were quarantined to

For more information:

The presentation slides of the CNI presentation of WatchGuard are available in PDF form as an attachment to this document.

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