Windows Core CUE Software

Installation and Central Management of Internet Facing Applications

Several, commonly used applications are installed on all Windows client systems (and some servers). These applications are centrally installed and maintained to insure that they remain up to date.

These "Core" CUE applications are all internet facing or have some potential to create security vulnerabilities if not properly maintained, so such maintenance is managed centrally. Of the applications, many are installed by default, but a few are optionally available and only installed if needed.

The applications and the current major versions of these applications are as follows...


Core CUE Application Production Versions as of 8/17/2015
Application Production Version Installation
Microsoft Office (and related) 2013 Default
Internet Explorer 11 Default
Mozilla Firefox 38.x ESR Default
Mozilla Thunderbird 38.x Default
Adobe Reader 10.x Default
Adobe Flash Player (plugin version) 18.x Default
Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX Version) 18.x Default
Adobe Shockwave Player 12.x Default
Oracle Java JRE (32 bit) 1.7 Default
Oracle Java JRE (64 bit) 1.7 Optional on 64-bit Systems
Simon Tatham PuTTY 0.60 Default
X-Ming 6.9 Optional 4.1 Optional
Pidgin 2.x Optional