Dell Tech Support Service Tag Hack

Dell has experienced a compromise on one of more of it's servers, allowing 3rd party access to customer support information including but not limited to the Service Tag for Dell workstations, server, and laptops.


Scientific Computing Filesystem Data Issue

Due to a hardware failure over the weekend, a small subset of files on the scientific computing Lustre system were lost.  This affects files in /work, /cache, and /volatile. If your data is affected, file access attempts will return the error "Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown".  The scientific computing group is working on automatically removing the affected files. Users who see this message in the meantime should remove the files with the "unlink" command, after which each file can be manually recreated.  The Scientific Computing group is working with the vendor on a long term stability fix for the affected file servers.

MALWARE - Kovter has targeted JLab for 2016

The malware known as Kovter has seen a noticeable uptick at JLab during the previous week.


Here we will discuss what it is, how Jefferson Lab machines are getting infected, and why you should care about it even if you are a hardened veteran when it comes to dealing with malware.

So, what is Kovter?

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