Attention Macintosh Users!

America/New York
The newest update of Mac OS Yosemite (10.10.4) is reported to have broken sending email.  Many Yosemite users are reporting that they can no longer send mail via simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP, locally or SMTP over SSL (  The latest update Apple published yesterday is said to have caused this problem.
We suggest you use the Zimbra web application or (non-Zimbra users only) until Apple publishes a work around.

Email Blocked This Morning

07/01/2015 3:00 am
07/01/2015 8:40 am
America/New York

At about 3:00AM today, our spam filtering service, WatchGuard, started blocking internal and external email.  This was due to a bad virus definition file.  A work around is in place and email will be released shortly.

Please contact the IT Division Help Desk with any questions or concerns (x7155 or


BadUSB - refers to a USB device that has had it's firmware modified with malicious intent.


Our only defense is knowledge, and it's up to you to help defend against this threat for both your own safety/security and that of the lab.


USB is the standard for connecting peripherals.

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