Computer Center Website Moved to Service Portal

NOTE 1: The password change page is available here

NOTE 2: The password policies page is available here

We have moved pertinent articles regarding CST Division information to our Service Portals. What is a Service Portal you ask? A Service Portal is a website consisting of self-service and self-help functions, that enables and empowers the consumer to request services, find information, and register and resolve issues.

In particular, we have migrated articles providing computing guidance to our user-base (help desk customers) to the User Services Portal:
User Service Portal

The Scientific Computing group has moved their data to their new portal as well:
Scientific Computing Portal

Our Management of Information Systems (MIS) creates helpful articles for their customers daily on their portal:
MIS Portal

Please visit our Service Portals to have a look around. We'd love to hear feedback on articles and suggestions on how to make our Service Portals more user-friendly and beneficial in providing self-service to the JLab community.

NOTE: In the coming months, you will start to see articles on unpublished or redirected. If you can't find the information you need on the Service Portals, please email to let us know.

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